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The selection “Cheats” for electric piles

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The selection Electric rectao highway, electricity is the battery (battery) as a driven vehicle, high pile, that is, the elevated forklift, electric pile high is concerned, but the price of electric reactors is more concerned. The electric bunch of high-car brands have a wide variety, and the price of electric reactors is very different.

First, electric heap high car semi-electric and all electric

1. Electric heao highway is divided into electric push-up high and half-electric heap high cars, semi-electric electric boosts, and human drive walk,

All electric heap high cars walking to improve electric pile of high car models different electric rectors are also different.

Electric heap high car

Second, electric reactor high car exchange and DC

AC motor

It is a machine for achieving mechanical energy and alternating current energy. Due to the huge development of the AC power system, the AC motor has become the most common motor. Compared with the DC motor, the AC motor is not a commutator (see the reverse of the DC motor), the structure is simple, easy to manufacture, is more secure, easy to make a high speed, high voltage, large current, and large capacity motor. AC motor power coverage is large, from a few watts to hundreds of thousands of kilowatts, or even millions of kilowatts. At the beginning of the 1980s, the largest steam turbine generator has reached 1.5 million kilowatts.


A rotary electric machine defining an output or input to DC power, called a DC motor, which is a motor that can achieve DC power and mechanical energy. When it makes a motor, it is a DC motor, converts the power to mechanical energy; generator operation is a DC generator, converting mechanical energy into electricity

The AC motor does not need to reverse contactors (forward, backward), saving components. More importantly, the AC motor has no carbon brush and commutator, not only the size of the motor is smaller, but the speed is improved, but it is completely joined to regularly detect and replace carbon brush. The greatest advantage of this is that electric reactors don’t need to maintain almost life, which greatly enhances the reliability and stability of electric reactors; Space, can even seal the motor to make the electric heap high vehicle structure design more compact.

Electric reactor high cars buy different motor electric reactors price differences,

Explosion-proof highway

Third, electric reactor high car mechanical steering and electric steve

The mechanical steering system is a human physical strength of a person, and does not require an electrical control system. The hydraulic power steering system (HPS) is a steering system that increases the steering force (motor, oil pump, etc.) based on the mechanical steering system.

Electronic steering is actually no hydraulic drive but by electron induction control motor, the motor boosts, this steering, now the Japanese forklift, called EPS steering, he has a dedicated EPS steering control board, steering wheel under the steering wheel The machine is not the previous hydraulic, but an electronic sensor, which adjusts the rotation of the steering motor according to the angle of your steering wheel, this steering is fast, clean, not space, and add The function of electricity automatic reset, you will automatically reset each time you stop or the point of power-on locking wheels. It is also different from the price of electric bouques to configure different electric reactors. 


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