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The storage time of lithium batteries will affect those properties

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The storage time of lithium batteries will affect those propertiesThe aging of the lithium-ion battery during long-term storage is the key to the storage performance of the battery, a commodity lithium-ion battery, even if it is not used, its storage life is only about 3 years.

The reason for the aging of the battery is multifaceted, in which the corrosion of the electrode current collector and the electrode active substance are mainly caused from the current fluid to lose electrochemical activity, while the nature of the electrolyte is closely related to the corrosion of the current fluid and the stability of the electrode material. Related, so the electrolyte is largely shadowed and even determines the battery storage life.

The cycle life is an important indicator of evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of the secondary battery, typically the number of cycles when the battery is reduced to a certain number of times. There are many factors affecting the life of the lithium-ion battery, including the stability of the electrode material, the stability of the electrolyte, the charge and discharge rate, the charge and discharge depth, and the temperature, and the like.

For lithium-ion batteries, in addition to the correct use and maintenance, there is a main reason why the battery is not long.

A. The activity of the electrode active substance in the charge and discharge process is constantly decreasing, and the real current density of the battery C is increased, and the internal resistance of the battery gradually increases.
B, the active substance on the electrode current collector is detached or transferred, and the electrochemically active that should be lost.
C. During the battery operation, some materials are aging or corrosion in electrolytes.
D, the diaphragm is damaged or partially closed.
E, due to the oxidation or reduction reaction of the electrolyte blood in the electrode session, the impurity content in the electrolyte increases.

Due to the impact of the above factors, the normal service life of a lithium-ion battery is about 2 to 3 years. Most of the above factors have a certain relationship with the nature of the electrolyte. 


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