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Traction lead-acid battery painting machine

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Traction lead-acid battery painting machineTraction lead-acid battery painting machine is also known as the coating machine; the smear has a manual coating and mechanical coating. The main problem of hand-paint is the consistency of the coating uniformity and the amount of paste. Due to different differences in the operator of the manual coating, the body and mentality and the degree of proficiency are large. For mechanical smears, most domestic use of single-sided coatings (or quasi-double sided painting machine), the main problem is that the two faces of the plate (positive and negative) are uneven, and there is a darkness dissatisfaction, so that Exposed raster.
In addition to mechanical problems, there are also process issues of lead paste, requiring lead paste to reach the smear requirements, key indicators are the density and consistency of the lead paste, while the density and consistency of the lead paste depends on the liquid used by the green. Total amount and acid ratio. For example, the density of the lead paste is 4.009 / cm2, by maintaining the total amount of liquid used as a constant, as long as the water / acid can be obtained, the lead paste of different consisters can be obtained, thereby obtaining a film requirements. Suitable consistency.
Foreign painting machine uses double-sided coating, high efficiency (90-140 pieces / min), the amount of paste and coating thickness is controlled by tracking cursor, three commonly used coated machines: single-sided coating (single cloth belt ), Double-sided (double cloth belt), stainless steel belt double-sided coated. The smear cloth has three layers: the first layer is a two-layer cloth of 3 mm; the second layer is a 4 mm of a layer of polyvillet pads fixed by several layers of polyvelfic wire; the third layer is a 1.5 mm abrasive pad. The second layer of polyvillet is highly elastic and elongate characteristics, the first layer of belt, no lead paste, which helps to obtain a qualified polar surface. The third layer has a high elastic band, which facilitates the discharge machine wheel to drag the belt without “slip”.

The structure of the band is made into two mandrels, which start the lay layer, the continuous wire / pad and smooth and smooth high elastic layers, which is most suitable for the smear. In addition to the belt coating machine, there is a nozzle plate, and there is a difference between the uniformity of the broth, and the quality of the nozzle coated machine is high.

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