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Traction of battery failure characteristics, common fault, exclusion method

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Traction of battery failure characteristics, common fault, exclusion methodDifferent batches of battery positive and negative plate materials, in addition to the active substance, the negative electrode plate also adds material such as barium sulfate, humic acid, carbon black and rosin to prevent contraction and oxidation of the negative electrode plate. In addition, the number of negative electrode plates of each single-single battery is always more than the number of positive electrode plates, and the negative electrode plate is slightly thinner than the positive electrode plate. When the primary charging or supplement charge of the battery is performed, if it is not paying attention to the polarity, the battery will be against the PBSO4 of the thick grain, causing insufficient battery charge capacity, and does not work properly, or even cause the battery. scrapped. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to polarity when charging, and it is unpolated. About the traction battery has a lot of knowledge, the following Zhenjiang Tianyuan battery introduces the failure characteristics, common faults, and exclusion methods of the reference to the battery.

Trouble characteristics of traction battery

The original positive electrode plate of a single battery is turned into an negative electrode plate, and the negative plate becomes a positive electrode plate. At this time, the battery voltage is rapidly declining, and the capacity is lowered, and it cannot be used.
The polar color is abnormal, and the opposite is severely caused by active materials to fall off and polar bending.

Traction of the battery common fault

There is no timely discovery monobic battery (such as a polar short circuit, active material fallfall, etc.), when the battery is discharged, the single-single battery is first discharged to zero, and then continues to discharge, the discharge of other monoch batteries The current is charged to make it polar. Online connection

Taking the elimination method for taking battery failure

1. During the battery pack discharge process, pay attention to the battery backward battery, stop discharge in it, it has not been reversed.
2. When there is an inverse battery, the counter battery should be subjected to a separate overcharge. The charging current is less than 10 h rate current value, and the charging time is extended to more than 30h. After the charging is completed, the discharge test is made, and then it is changed to normal charging current value and then charge, and then discharge. So repeated a few times, finally made over charge. 


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