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Treatment method for battery icing

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Treatment method for battery icingWinter is coming, the weather is getting cold, when the temperature is sufficient, how should the battery will be treated after the battery icing? The following is the reason analysis of the battery icing and general treatment.
Analysis of the causes of battery icing:
(1) The electrolytic liquid is lower than the battery factory. The electrolytic solution reached the freezing point when used in the cold area.
(2) After the battery is over-discharge, the electrolyte has a large reduction, but does not charge in time.
(3) The electrolyte liquid is too low, and the engine is not allowed to operate the electrolytic solution up and down after a period of time.
General processing method:

The frozen battery should be moved to a warm room to slowly melt; then charge the battery with 1/3 of the charging current to charge the battery, constantly observe the temperature of the single voltage and the electrolyte, the electrolyte ratio should reach 1.28g after charging. / cm3, if it does not meet the requirements, distilled water or a specific gravity of 1.40 g / cm3 is adjusted.

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