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Treatment method for frequent use of Chinese fork

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Treatment method for frequent use of Chinese forkIn many companies, production workshops, agricultural packaging transportation, using forklifts to carry the frequency of the goods is getting bigger and bigger. Using a forklift can alleviate the workload of the workers, speed up the transfer speed of the cargo, which greatly improves the production efficiency for a lot of time. Because of the convenient and efficient characteristics of the forklift, people have gradually dependent on the forklift, so the number of forklifts is frequent, and the forklift accessories will exacerbate wear in frequent use. There are more and more manufacturers from producing forklifts, and each manufacturer’s forklifts and forklift accessories model are different, so that the forklift accessories are more troublesome.

Over time, the forklift will fail, then how do you judge the truck steering failure?

First, oil leakage, the forklift steering system has been used for a long time or the oil seal is damaged, and the wheel hub, which is a need to replace the oil seal to solve the oil leakage.

Second, the steering force, the steering direction is possible, the steering operation is particularly laborious, the shunt valve pressure causes the steering force, the steering force cannot be reset, and the shunt valve pressure or replacement of the shunt valve is required.

Third, the steering noise is intensified, it is possible to turn too little hydraulic oil, need to add hydraulic oil, steering gear damage, bearing damage, pipe clogging, all need to be replaced in time.

Fourth, the steering wheel is rotationally turned in the case of the machine. It is necessary to check that the oil pump has no power, whether the oil pipe is damaged, blockage and other issues. 


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