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Treatment method for self-discharging of golf truck battery

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Treatment method for self-discharging of golf truck batteryAfter a golf car battery is placed, its power is self-discharging.
If the electrolyte on the battery cover does not understand clean, the positive and negative pole pillars of the monomer causes self-discharge.
The battery makes up for the addition of too much impurity, and the self-discharge is faster.
There is no need to place the battery long time, resulting in sulfuric acid, some of the electrolyte density below the battery is larger, and there are differences between the plates on the top and bottom of the plate, resulting in self-discharge.
Treatment method:
The external cleaning of the golf truck battery, pays attention to the oxide and sulfide and sulfur in the extreme column.
The battery is necessary to add ion water or distilled water when the water is added.
The battery of the added liquid is required to be stored for a long time, which is advancing to replace a thinner electrolyte and a month is a month. 


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