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Two misunderstandings in the electric forklift battery supplement water

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Two misunderstandings in the electric forklift battery supplement waterThe daily maintenance and maintenance of the electric forklift battery should lead every operator and managers. It is a very simple matter for battery supplementation water, but it is also very learning. If it is not necessary, it will cause a relatively large harm to the battery. Then I will analyze two misunderstandings in terms of electric forklift battery supplementation.

Misunderstanding 1: Is it possible for electric forklift batteries to use?

No, due to the daily people’s impurity content is much higher than that of the battery water requirements, pure water contains a variety of trace elements, which can cause adverse effects on the battery. Battery water should reach JB / T10053—1999 Standard requirements, this pure water is not reached. Therefore, everyone should remember to supplement distilled water or special replenishment in the loss of the electrolyte, and drink pure water instead of drinking pure water.

Misunderstanding 2: Can you add distilled water at any time?

In the daily maintenance of electric forklift batteries, the distilled water should generally be added when the electrolytic solution is insufficient. However, sometimes the reduction in electrolyte is due to the damage of the battery housing, the crack or the mixed hole cover is not strictly caused by the leakage of the electrolyte. Some drivers often do not pay attention to distinguish when checking the liquid level is due to the damage or other reasons of the battery housing or the normal loss, as long as the electrolyte liquid surface is reduced, the distillation water is added, resulting in a significant reduction in electrolyte density. Make the battery not working properly.

Some drivers often add distilled water after receiving the car. The resulting distilled water cannot be mixed with the battery raw electrolyte, so that the battery is easily discharged or damaging the battery panel, and the battery is also caused in the cold area. The phenomenon affects the service life of the battery.

Conversely, if distilled water is added to the battery before leaving the battery, the added distilled water can be sufficiently mixed with the original electrolyte in the battery, and the battery properties will not be affected. Therefore, the distilled water should be added before the departure, and the distilled water should not be added after the car is closed.

The electrolyte in the general battery will evaporate in charging and use, so the concentration will increase, generally add water, and add 1.26 gravity electrolyte. The specific gravity after the charge is 1.28.

Note that these, electric forklift batteries have been used longer, and the battery life can be maintained. 


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