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Ultra-thin solar battery or cost reduction

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Ultra-thin solar battery or cost reductionAccording to the latest information on the green energy of the Taiwan Institute of Technology, the introduction of the Silicide solar storage battery will be further thinned from the current thickness of about 170-150m. In addition to reducing silver, it is more expected to accelerate the size of each watt to 0.4 US dollars. The following or lower. Be

The Green Energy of ITS has been reported that the production cost of 170m thickness and other materials in the total number of materials, with the total cost of the 150M battery assembly in 2016. The total cost of approximately US $ 0.54. Be

With the industry’s existing process compatible thin wafer battery high-efficiency solution to ultra-thin, green energy is estimated in various manufacturing links will be able to challenge the overall production cost of around 2018, the overall production cost is reduced to $ 0.4 or less. , But thinning is also derived from the problem of income control. Be

In addition, it is expected that SEMI is expected to have a generation of generations in 2016-201, mainly from 125m to 50m, in addition to silver, in addition to silver, will continue to decrease ( From about 100 mg of approximately 100 mg per piece), the copper electrode will also be imported into the market. 


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