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UPS power supply configures the calculation formula of the battery

UPS power supply configures the calculation formula of the batteryBattery calculations usually have two methods



1 constant current mode calculation:

According to the principle of energy conservation, the configuration of the battery is calculated as follows:

C = (PL×T) / (vbat×η×K)

Among them: C - battery capacity, (AH) PL-UPS output power (W); T-battery backup time (h);

VBAT-battery pack voltage (VDC),η-UPS battery inverter efficiency (0.90-0.95, selected by model).

K-battery discharge efficiency (coefficient).

K 's choice follows:



Discharge time<1h




> 8h

Battery discharge efficiency






According to the calculation result, determine the AH number of the battery, select the appropriate configuration according to different brand batteries.

For example, a brand new generation rack-type high-performance small capacity UPS-ITA series 6kVA, battery pack voltage 192V (16-section 12V power supply series), UPS battery inverter efficiency 0.94, 4.8KW is filled, 2 hours calculation

C = 4800 * 2 / (192 * 0.94 * 0.7) = 76ah (estimated value) Select 12V85AH battery 16, such as C & D12-76LBT.


2 constant power calculation formula

W = PL÷(N * 6 *η(Watts / Cell)

Among them, the PL is the active power (kW) of the UPS rated output; N is 12V battery number; VF is the rated voltage of the battery pack,ηInverter efficiency.

That is, the power required for the unit cell is calculated first, and then the constant power discharge table provided by the battery manufacturer can look for the battery model that can meet the requirements.

The termination discharge voltage is determined according to 1.75V / Cell. Usually the power table given by the battery manufacturer is the power of the monomer 2V / Cell, defined as Watts / Cell.

Some of the power table given by the manufacturer is Watts / Block, then multiply the coefficients.

For example, a brand new generation rack-type high-performance small capacity UPS-ITA series 20kVA, battery segment 32 sections (30-40 rod-upless sections adjustable), UPS battery inverter efficiency 0.95, press full load   20kva * 0.9 = 18kW, the backup 2 hours calculation.

W / Cell = PL / (N×6×η) = 18000 / (32 * 6 * 0.95) = 98.68Watts / Cell


C & D's MPS series 12-76 discharge power surface is shown in Figure: 2 hours of discharge power is 51.5W / Cell at 1.75VDC, select 98.68 / 51.5 = 1.92 groups, take 2 groups of 32 sections 12V76AH C & D MPS series battery, Total 64 Festival.

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