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UPS uninterruptible power supply 12V24AH valve control sealed lead-acid battery discharge party

UPS uninterruptible power supply 12V24AH valve control sealed lead-acid battery discharge partyIn 2020, solar and energy storage will have a long development, and the energy storage will be truly mature. The energy-saving project of the utility economy is emerging in the world, and in the United States and Australia, solar + energy storage will show its balance of power grid. Especially in the United States, solar + energy storage projects may even replace the natural gas peak power plant, become a choice for safeguarding power supply security. Lithium-ion batteries can pull MWH's power into the grid in a few milliseconds to match the supplied. Although people are worried that lithium purchasing lithium will damage the environment and society, the lithium-ion battery will still dominate.

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In addition, if the US Energy Society can convince Congress through an investment tax credit for energy storage systems, the development of energy storage technology will speed speed like a rocket. In Australia, the government has little signs of demand for large-scale energy storage. The power transmission facilities that have been invested in investment are a major obstacle to deploying solar power, but this also promotes the deployment of energy storage. Many remote areas have replaced the building expensive pole by solar + storage.

Although energy storage in India still has major obstacles, Solar Energy Corporation of India is still expected to bid 1 GW solar power project, which requires at least half of power generation capacity by energy storage equipment. support. The expected growth demand for electric vehicles and grid-based energy storage has driven growth, while the price of price in the battery industry also plays a vital role in driving a wide range of applications of lithium.

On August 12, 2017, the masses reported to the Central Environmental Protection Supervision team, the cultural printed industry development zone of Liujiatun, Shuangyang District, Shuangyang District, produced wastewater straight row, polluting the river. After investigation, the cultural industry development zone has built a sewage treatment plant, but it has appeared over-standard emissions. According to the study of the Shuangyang District Supervision Bureau of Changchun City, Ding Wenxi, Dingyang District (Manager Manager) Ding Wentao failed to perform the duties, leading to the issue of sewage over-standard emissions, Shuangyang District luxury The issue of Zhao Ping, the head of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office, did not meet the issues of duties. Case 3: Dedu City's noise, malodor, garbage pollution problem in Dehui City.

In the field of solar power generation, a analyst's prediction of 2020 global photovoltaic capacity is 12 GW. He pointed out that Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Salvador, Chile, UAE, Oman, Pakistan, Israel, Denmark, Netherlands, Russia, Spain and the UK are still strong.

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Bloomberg predicts that in addition to polysilicon manufacturers, this year is a difficult year of some of the world's photovoltaic manufacturers. Due to the extremely low profit margin, plus China's photovoltaic subsidies continue to tighten, 2020, or even the top ten photovoltaic manufacturers may be forced to exit the photovoltaic market. Today, more and more artificial intelligence is applied to grid operations and energy transactions, green hydrogen energy, solar, wind energy and energy storage facilities are more common, more fast, 2020, will be an exciting in the energy field year.

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