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Usage and maintenance of electric reactors

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Usage and maintenance of electric reactors1. To ensure that the electric reactor battery rechargeable battery usage, the rechargeable battery deliverables should be in the abutting power; the battery charges are not enough to charge. In the whole process of application, pay close attention to charge and discharge levels, prohibiting excessive charge——That is, current to 1.7V / only (total current to 1.7V×12 = 20.4V), the relative density of the lithium battery electrolyte is reduced to 1.17, it is necessary to terminate the charge and immediately charge the battery; it is not long-term idle. This is called a general battery charging in the application full process.
2. General battery charging: General current is 30A in the first stage, the second stage current is 15A, and the battery charging method is charged with the primary battery. The amount of electricity is 130 to 140%, The battery charging time is about 12 hours.
3. All normal applications should prevent over the battery, but the following types of rechargeable battery must be carried out for appropriate over-battery charging, ie balanced battery charging.
a. Litty rechargeable battery in lithium battery pack——Refers to a rechargeable battery that operates in a full operating voltage value in the full process of battery charging and a rechargeable battery that is mainly repaired by common faults. (The positive and negative levels of the downward rechargeable battery should be connected to the DC voltage regulator power supply when balance the battery charging.
b. All normal application rechargeable batteries conduct a balanced battery charge every 2 to 3 months.
c. Long-term rechargeable batteries should be charged before the application.
4. Balance the battery charging:
a. Conduct battery charging at 4A current.
b. Battery charging work voltage to 31.2V (12×2.6V = 31.2V), with a bubble production in the hydraulic pressure (ie, 2a) to charge the battery again.
C. When it is charged to sustainable electricity, it stops for 0.5 hours and then charges 1 hour with a 1A current amount of battery.
d. After stopping 0.5 hours, the battery is charged with 1A for 1 hour.
e. Press D to repeated multiple times until the battery charger is closed, and the charging battery will have a violent production. 


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