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Various modes of the valve control lead-acid battery

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Various modes of the valve control lead-acid batteryThe failure mode of the valve-controlled lead-acid battery is the case of the valve-controlled lead-acid battery, and the usual performance deterioration mechanism has several situations.

When the opening lead-acid battery is charged, in addition to the active substance regeneration, there is a step-by-step electrolysis of the water in the electrolyte to form hydrogen and oxygen. When the gas covers the air hole from the battery to the atmosphere, each 18 grams of water is reduced to produce a heat of 11.7 kk card, and for the valve-controlled lead-acid battery, the oxygen generated inside during charging, and oxygen is in the negative electrode plate. The active material sponge lead oxidation, and effectively lows electrolysis and lost water, and the valve-controlled lead-acid battery depends on the heat transfer of the wall wall to heat the heat, and the battery is well ventilated and lower room temperature is important. In order to further reduce the risk of thermal out-of control, the floating voltage is typically determined depending on the different producers and different room temperature. Manufacturers generally give the floating voltage and temperature compensation factor of the battery.

In the valve-controlled lead-acid battery, this form of performance is more severe. Due to the oxygen circulation reaction, the negative electrode active material is continuously oxidized to form sulfate, effectively maintains the discharge state, thus reducing the potential of the negative plate. The potential for a given floating voltage positive electrode group is correspondingly higher. Therefore, the oxidation atmosphere exacerbates, causing precipitation of oxygen, and the corrosion and falling of the active substance is exacerbated. 


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