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Viewing the maintenance steps of sightseeing batteries

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Viewing the maintenance steps of sightseeing batteries1, often view the browsing sightseeing battery pole column and the terminal connection is reliable. To prevent wiring column oxidation can be applied to protectants such as Vaseline.

2. Browse the air pores on the side of the sightseeing car should be smooth. The battery generates a large amount of bubbles when charging, if the vent hole is blocked, can’t escape the gas, when the pressure terrestrial electric quadront wheel increases to a certain degree of battery housing, the battery housing is frying.

3, not available to directly fire (short circuit test) to check that the battery will damage the battery.

4, check the height of the internal electrolyte inside the sightseeing car battery, and if the electrolytic solution is found to be too low, distilled water or special lead-acid battery supplement should be added. Don’t use drink pure water instead.

5. When using the electric vehicle, it is necessary to gently step to accelerate the pedal, otherwise the instantaneous large current discharge will damage the battery.

6, electric vehicles suggest that you will fully charge the battery in a short distance, allow the battery to keep the battery to maintain the service life of the battery. 


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