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Visit sightseeing batteries driving attention requirements

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Visit sightseeing batteries driving attention requirementsWhen visiting the sightseeing batteries should pay attention to the same place, it should be noted that understanding how the electric vehicle battery is very important, better protect the electric vehicle battery, extend the battery life of the electric vehicle. Everyone has seen electric classics cars in many places, and the vehicles are specially designed for tourist scenic spots, parks, large playgrounds, garden style, resorts, villas, airports and other places to pick up guests. It has a performance of excellent performance, novel design, exquisite interior, comfortable, and comfortable, is an ideal field electric sightseeing vehicle.
Due to the rain and weather, the road conditions are poor, so in the sightseeing car, in order to safely, try to travel at a slow speed, control the speed of the car, avoid the brakes, and avoid the accident. Sightseeing vehicles should prevent driving in a deeper stream, due to deeper water sections, not only adding driving difficulty, and due to sightseeing vehicles, tire rotation tend to bring water, usually under condition, controller In the left and non-complete sealing of the tire, there is often rainwater into the controller, thereby forming a line short circuit to cause sightseeing cars. After driving on the rain, the sightseeing will use clean and quickly to dry the water, so as not to form the corrosion of iron, and the circuit leakage, short circuit and other problems. The above four points are the fundamental points of the summer maintenance sightsear, the driver wants to develop habits, and the details are increased, saving money for the company!

Detect each three electrolyte surface of each battery of the electric sightseeing vehicle, such as which monobi-deficiency procedure fills the distilled water to see the liquid surface, and then open the charger switch to the ON file deputy charge After 1 ~ 2 hours, the closed charger switch is OFF file. If you don’t have water, press step 8. Unplug the charger output terminal three-phase plug. Unplug the charger input plug and put the battery charging plug to the controller plug. Federate the battery cover and seat cover. The tourist sightseeer has continued to be a good vehicle that is carried out nearby, and it does not only use the cost of low, and travels to safe. And this feature is just a special model of school bus, so it is indeed an insurance approach to the school bus. 


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