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Weak points of zinc electrode in zinc air battery

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Weak points of zinc electrode in zinc air batteryThe zinc air battery is higher than the iron empty battery, but there is a problem of zinc electrode recharging problems and air electrodes. The main oxidation product of zinc is ZnOH zinc ion. Many methods are used to change the deposition quality of zinc, such as using electrolyte cycles, electrode vibration, and using air bubbles to interfere with the diffusion layer.

The battery C / 5 is longer than 130WH / kg, but the zinc electrode will fall rapidly with the cycle. The main difficulties encountered by the production of practical zinc air storage are the best technical methods for developing a fast and durable oxygen electrode and finding the long-term circulation of zinc electrodes. Some progress has been made, that is, the use of double function catalysts to produce oxygen, and the medium-alkaline saturated ZnO electrodes are used to smooth deposition of zinc. 


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