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What effects on the service life of the battery

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What effects on the service life of the batteryThe UPS battery is an important part of the UPS system. The service life of the battery directly affects the entire UPS system, then what external environmental factors are affected by the service life of the battery?
1. Brand influence
Even if the UPS uses the same battery technology, the battery life of different manufacturers is very different, this is important for users because the cost of replacing the battery is high (approximately 30% of the price of UPS). Battery failure will reduce the reliability of the system, which is very annoying.
2, temperature impact
Temperature has a great influence on the natural aging process of the battery. Detailed experimental data indicates that the temperature is 5 degrees per rise, the battery life has dropped 10%, so the UPS design should allow the battery to remain as much as possible. All online and backup / online hybrid UPS is larger than the backup or online interactive UPS runtime (so the former is to install the fan), this is also an important one for the relatively long replacement or online interactive UPS battery replacement cycle. reason.
3, charging impact
The battery charger UPS is very important, and the battery’s charging conditions have a great impact on battery life. If the battery has been in a constant voltage or “floating” type electrical charge, the UPS battery life can be maximized. In fact, the life of the battery is much longer than the life of the simple storage state. Because battery charging can delay battery natural aging processes, UPS should keep the battery to be charged regardless of operation or downtime.
4, voltage impact
The battery is a single “original battery” composition, each of the original battery voltages, and the original battery is connected in series to form a voltage having a high voltage, a 12 volt battery consisting of 6 original batteries, 24 volts battery consisting of 12 Original battery composition, etc. When the UPS battery is charged, each series of primary batteries are charged. The performance of the original battery will result in some of the original battery charging voltages than other original batteries, this part of the battery will aging in advance. As long as the performance of a primary battery decreases in series, the performance of the entire battery will also drop. Test prove that battery life and quantity of the original battery, the higher the battery voltage, the faster the aging. When the UPS capacity is constant, the battery voltage should be minimized as much as possible, so that the UPS battery life is longer, and the battery voltage should be selected for the battery voltage, and the battery should be selected in series, do not choose the original amount of multi-voltage low. Battery in series. Some manufacturers UPS battery voltage is relatively high, because the capacity is constant, the higher the voltage, the smaller the current, and the finer wire and the smaller semiconductor can be used to reduce the UPS cost. The battery voltage of the UPS of the capacity of about 1kva is generally 24 ~ 96V.
4, current impact
Ideally, in order to extend the UPS battery life, the battery should be kept in the “floating” charging or constant pressure. In this state, the electric battery is filled with a small charger current, which is called “floating” or “self-discharge” current. Although the battery manufacturer is recommended, some UPS design (many online) allows the battery to withstand some extra small current, referred to as a ripple current. The ripple current is generated when the battery is continuously powered by the inverter, as the inverter must have input DC power to generate an AC output according to the principle of energy conservation. Such a battery form a small charge period, and the frequency of charge and discharge current is twice the UPS output frequency (50 or 60 Hz).
Ordinary backup, online interactive or backup / ferromagnetic UPS does not have a ripple current, and other designed UPS will generate a ripple current of size, depending on the specific design method. As long as you check the configuration of the UPS, you can know if the UPS can generate a ripple current.
If the online UPS battery is between the charger and the inverter, the battery will have a ripple current, which is a normal “double transformation” UPS.
If the battery is separated from the inverter with a cutoff diode, the relay, the converter, or the rectifier is separated from the inverter, the battery does not have a ripple current. Of course, the UPS of this design is not always “online”, so this UPS is called “mixed backup / online” UPS.
The battery is the least reliable part in the UPS system, but the UPS design is good and bad directly affects the reliability of the battery. Let the battery keep the state of charge (even if the UPS downtime) can extend the battery life and try to avoid the use of the battery-high UPS. Some UPS designs cause the battery to create a ripple current, causing unnecessary overheat of the battery. The batteries used by most UPS are almost, but the UPS design will greatly affect the life of the battery. A battery is 12V, the UPS is to pick up 96V, which means to pick up 8. The server is 780W, plus 20%, about 1000W, 2 hours, each battery is approximately 20ah, can be used with a battery having a capacity of 24AH with a battery.

There are a lot of brands, most people choose domestic maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, formal manufacturers quality assurance, long service life, high cost performance.

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