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What kind of reason for the leakage of the boat battery

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What kind of reason for the leakage of the boat batteryTour boat battery leakage includes a vehicle circuit or a battery produced self-discharge, and the lead-acid boat storage battery itself has a certain self-discharge, but there is a standard range for industrial electric forklifts, automobiles, industrial equipment and other cruise storage batteries. Possible, there is a rail or short circuit outside the boat battery. If the cruise battery leads the wire and the body, or the tap battery housing has a wrench, the wire and the like will communicate with the positive and negative electrode, which will generate a stress self-discharge, and the air battery negative terminal is loose to ensure slight contact. The so-called looseness is to remove the extent to which the cashbox battery negative connector can be easily removed, but to ensure the contact of the connector and the terminal. The vehicle of the safe anti-theft system is mounted, the anti-theft switch of the engine cover remains closed.

After the parking, the ignition switch is damaged by itself (such as the ACC file), or the electric appliance (such as seat heater, indoor lighting, etc.) switch is often turned on, the door and the backup cabin are not closed. It is possible to cause external discharge of cruise battery. When the cruise battery housing, the positive and negative terminal can be discharged when the pplanned electrolyte is splashled. The boat battery electrode partition is corroded, damaged, or positive, the deposit under the negative plate is too much, positive, the negative plate is directly connected and short-circuited, causing the inside of the cruise battery to discharge. The electrolyte contains impurities, or the added is not pure water, at this time, the impurities in the electrolyte will attach the flow of the electrolytic solution to the plate, and each impurities form a certain potential difference, there will be many self-formed inside the cruise battery. The micro-cruise battery of the passage makes the boat battery are often in a short-circuit state, and the internal electrical energy of the boat storage battery is gradually exhausted. The boat storage battery is stored in too long, the water in the electrolyte is separated from sulfuric acid, which is bilateral due to density, so that the electrolyte density is large, and the potential difference is formed. Turn the current table (as much as possible to 1MA unit) to adjust to the dark current measurement range, to ensure the negative electrode measuring needle of the current table is connected to the cruise battery negative terminal, the positive electrode measuring needle of the current table is connected to the cruise battery negative connector, and must guarantee contact connection status. Note: Vehicles can be used to use a large number of current to be estimated to avoid current tables. After the boat battery negative connector is disengaged from the negative terminal (Note: The current table measurement pin must always guarantee the connection state), the current table reaches the connection state of the connected connection, and since the current measurement reading often fluctuates, please use the MIN read value To determine dark current value.  


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