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Working principle of electric handling forklift design

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Working principle of electric handling forklift designThe electric handling forklift car market is a battery-powered van, which is convenient to compare the manual van. It may be so easy to ask the electric handling vehicle. So what is the principle of electric van design? ? Today, I will answer it.

The electric forklift transmission structure, the casing of the connection disk and the transition box and the motor are fixed together by the bolt, and the input shaft is fixed together; the bushing is inserted on the input shaft and pressed in the second bearing. On the circle, the compression cover is fixed to the transition box through the screw; the inner wall of the flywheel is formed with a flywheel socket, the input shaft is formed with square flat knot, the flat key is a columnar or inserted in a flywheel disk. During the groove and flat key insertion; adjust the pad pressure on the left end of the flywheel plate, the right end of the flywheel plate is pressed on the bushing, and the shaft is driven into the ring groove in the input shaft and pressed the adjustment pad. The input shaft of the flying wheel disk and the clutch in the gearbox is fixed together. It uses a transition device similar to the engine flyer disk between the motor and the transmission, so that the motor and the gearbox of the electric forklift are smoothly connected and transmitted, which makes the price of the electric forklift greatly drop. The vehicle body of the electric voyele is welded, the circuit control line and the hydraulic components are respectively on the sides of the tail box, which makes everyone easy to operate more convenient and simple.

Its walking is to achieve walking with a DC motor to drive the drive wheel.
The battery capacity table on the body can accurately see the electricity amount of electricity, you can remind you to charge in a timely manner.
Its pedal, handle and other components are designed according to human-computer engineering, making the operation more sensitive and accurate.
The principle of electric handling forklift cars not only makes handling more effort, but also greatly increases the safety index, in which Zhuo Dang Machine’s electric van not only varies, but also supports non-standard custom, so extensive applicable to some Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and other industries. 


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