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About charging current size limit and charging time

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About charging current size limit and charging timeMost customers do not care about charging current size and charging time when they purchase batteries. After the battery has problems, the Bayons battery describes battery knowledge, such as battery 12V100AH, and the charging current can not be greater than 30A. When recurring, the maximum voltage provided by the charger should be limited. The 6V battery is 7.2-7.5V, and the 12V battery is 14.4-15V, and the maximum current is not more than 30% A of the rated capacity value (such as 2A. The maximum charging current of H cannot be greater than 2 ¡Á 0.3 = 0.6 amps; it is suitable for 10 hours of charging rate (such as 2A.H battery is preferably 0.2 amps). If the charging current is too large, the battery is easy to happen, resulting in extreme The plate is falling, breaking, and short circuits cause accidents caused by explosion, combustion.

1. The charger is connected to the BB battery positive electrode, the charger negative electrode is connected to the battery negative electrode. Confirm that the battery terminal is cleaned, and the charging circuit is connected well. It is recommended to use a constant pressure 16.0 volts (maximum non-16.2 volts) to limit 25 amm charging to electric shield green. Battery electric eye green indicates sufficient electricity. There is no condition to be charged with constant pressure, and the constant current can be charged according to the following specification.
2, use the rated capacity of 1/8 ~ 1/10 ampere charging current, the charging end voltage is controlled at 16V (the end voltage is less than 16V is easy to fill the electric eye is still black).
3, battery replenishment time and battery voltage correspondence (reference): battery voltage replenishing time
12.55-12.45V 2 hours 12.45-12.35V 3 hours 12.35-12.20V 4 hours 12.20-12.05V 5 hours 12.05-11.80V 6 hours 11.80-11.80V 7 hours 11.80-11.65V 8 hours 11.65-11.50V 9 hours 11.50- 11.30V 10 hours 11.30-11.00V 12 hours 11.00V below 14 hours (c) After charging, check the electro-suction electric eye color. The electro-eye is displayed green, indicating that the battery has sufficient electricity. If the electric eye checks if the charging connection is pruning, whether the connection point is cleaned whether the charging voltage reaches 16 volts and continues to add.
4, if you find that the electric eye is white, it may be that there is a bubble in the electric eye, and you can slightly shake the battery to drive the bubble. If it is still white, it is still white, and the battery should be replaced. For battery-free battery, the battery can be charged in the initial stage of the supplementary electricity. Because of the serious loss of electric storage, the specific gravity of the cells in the battery has been close to the pure water. The internal resistance of the battery is very large. As the battery is charged, the specific gravity of the sulfuric acid in the battery is raised, and the charging current of the battery can gradually return to normal. During the charging process, if the battery exhaust hole spraying acid occurs, the charging should be stopped immediately.
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