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Advantages of electric vehicle fuel cells

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Advantages of electric vehicle fuel cellsIn the new energy industry, the lithium industry has always been very hot, and a breakthrough of scientific research results. The industry sector is getting wider, but in the new energy vehicle industry, it is like kicking the iron board, and the battery life has not been resolved. As a result, the fuel cells have emerged, and the fuel cell has always received attention from the origin to now, and it is also looking forward to it in the electric vehicle. The application area of ​​the fuel cell is also quite vast, and there is a quarter to say that the fuel cell has been well effect on the refrigerator. It is very powerful. So what is the advantage of fuel cells?

First, clean and non-pollution, emissions in power generation are almost unreasonable. Due to the no rotating mechanical part, there is no noise pollution.

Second, the power generation efficiency is high, and the power generation efficiency of the fuel cell is almost twice the power generation efficiency of the fuel cell by thermoelectric cogeneration or combined cycle.

Third, the ability to adapt to load changes.

Fourth, the installation cycle is short, the installation is flexible, the land is small, and the maintenance and maintenance is easy.

The fuel cell is a component that directly converts chemical energy stored in the fuel and oxidant in an isothermal state. The cathode and the anode of the fuel cell are separated from the electrolyte. When operating, there is no need to combust, and only the oxygen in the fuel and the air is required to be fed into the anode and the cathode, thereby generating electrochemical reactions, in the electrolyte, hydrogen ion Directional movement, generating potential difference, forming a current in the outer circuit, thereby emitting low-voltage direct current, similar to the reverse process of electrolytic water. During the power generation process, the by-product is only hot water and a small amount of carbon dioxide.

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