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Battery application and demonstration status

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Battery application and demonstration statusSince the battery has been commercially developed, the target’s goal has been consistent. For small disposable batteries, the main goal is to make it high energy density and power density, long rest life and low prices. However, disposable batteries have always been an expensive way to acquire energy, which requires replacement with compatible rechargeable batteries. With the commercialization of fuel cells, all countries and alliances have issued policies or announcements to support the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cells. Among them, Japan, South Korea and the United States. Japan claims to build 1000 scale hydrogen station networks in 2025, realizing fuel cell automotive commercialization; South Korea makes a big hand in fuel cell device subsidies, providing 80% of the price of the equipment price; US Congress rejected Obama administration To cut more than half of the funds for hydrogen and fuel cell R & D projects in 2010. In addition, other countries and alliances have also introduced some important policies or plans to support their respective hydrogen energy and fuel cell development and commercialization.

Battery applied to electric vehicles first have high energy density and low prices. For energy reserve devices, the cost has always been a factor that is primarily considered. The cost of the energy reserve system is divided into two parts:

(1) The original cost of the battery must be considered, including raw material costs, research and development costs, investment and construction factories, and the daily management and production costs. If the battery has a long cycle life, high cost can be accepted: a battery system has a capacity of 1500 cycles, a cycle a day, 5 times a week, 5-6 years can be used.

(2) The ratio of the battery that is most acceptable to the charging process battery is determined by the charging and discharge cycle efficiency of the battery. Can I develop a new type of long life high-efficiency battery is the key to the load level battery is widely used. 


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