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Battery products grow rapidly

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Battery products grow rapidlyAccording to statistics from the Huzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, from January to December 2014, the imported battery products in our city have a total of 359.94 million US dollars, and the monthly increased by 100.7% and 713.8% respectively. Among them, imported high-end batteries 143 batches, the value of 314.75 million US dollars, 130 batteries, 45.19 million US dollars, the top five importers of the country, are in the United States, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Luxembourg and Mexico.


From the number of imported high-end batteries, the increase amplitude is particularly considerable. In 2013, only 10 batchs of imported batteries were 6374, and 143 batchs of imported batteries in 2014, 459875, and the number increased nearly two orders. It can be said that the increase in the new imported high-end battery has become a substantial import volume of battery products. The root cause of the imported goods value level jump. It is reported that the current high-end battery is mainly an AGM battery, which has longer service life, higher capacitance stability, more reliable low temperature performance, etc. The demand for such batteries in the domestic auto market, etc., Battery prices are therefore high. From the long-term look, introduce the production line of high-end AGM batteries, improve the autonomous production capacity of high-end batteries, and become the gravity of the development of the government’s foreign-related sectors. 


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