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Cooperate with the main structure of the whole electric forklift

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Cooperate with the main structure of the whole electric forkliftThe main structure of the whole electric forklift has a gantry, fork, fork, electric control hydraulic hydraulic system.

1, door frame: use steel or C steel, can also be trough, collectively referred to as a gantry.

2, fork and fork leg (balance heavy withoutfork)

2, electronically controlled hydraulic system:

The main accessories have a controller, direction contactor, lifting contactor, governor, and some high power will have a main electrical contactor, and then there is a hydraulic pump station.

The controller is mainly to transmit logic control signals is more important accessories;

The direction contactor and the lifting contactor are of course control direction and lifting, and the governor is used to control the travel speed, which is controlled according to the magnetic induction.

The semi-electric truck is relatively simple, and the driving walking system is less.

The list of main components is as follows:

Battery plug, battery cell, battery cover, forklift brake switch, forklift instrument assembly, forklift gear switch, forklift driving motor assembly, forklift hydraulic motor assembly, forklift steering motor assembly, forklift joint, forklift power cable, Forklift signal power cord, forklift computer board, forklift contactor assembly, forklift IGBT module, forklift IGBT control board, forklift FET module, forklift capacitor, forklift diode, forklift steering computer plate, forklift steering contactor, forklift fuse, forklift fuse , Forklift accelerator, forklift accelerator pedal, forklift brake switch, forklift light bulb, forklift, forklift light bulb, forklift light bulb, forklift headlight assembly, forklift headlight assembly, forklift Head, forklift turning light switch, forklift flash, forklift headlight switch, forklift speaker switch, forklift speaker, forklift police light switch, forklift warning light, forklift direction sensor, forklift direction machine assembly, forklift The forklift tilt switch direction, direction worm assembly, direction push rod, direction ball head, rear axle case, rear bridge three-plate, rear axle steering festival, rear axle steering, back bridge steering Yangjiao assembly , Steering rear wheel assembly, forklift hydraulic gear pump assembly, forklift hydraulic filter, forklift hydraulic oil pipe, forklift high pressure tube, forklift hydraulic multi-channel valve assembly, forklift multi-channel valve, forklift, rising-side cylinder repair bag, forklift Middle Main cylinder repair bag, forklift tilt cylinder repair kit, forklift drive gear, forklift bearing, forklift Barullo, forklift half-moon teeth, forklift planet teeth, forklift half-axis teeth, forklift cross shaft, forklift tire, fork wheel network, forklift brake Total pump, forklift brake pump, forklift brake skin, forklift brake spring, forklift tire screw, forklift seat, forklift door frame shaft, forklift door bearing, forklift door frame pulley, forklift chain, forklift chain wheel, forklift fork, Forkdrot charge, etc.

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