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Correct charging method of full-electric heap high car battery

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Correct charging method of full-electric heap high car batteryThe full-electric heap high car battery uses the battery-powered hydraulic handling equipment, which also represents the development direction of future cleaning energy. For the battery, charging, maintenance, replacement, please arrange the personnel who have received professional training; the weight and shape of the battery will affect the stability of the stacker, so when installing non-standard batteries, it is recommended that you contact the manufacturer.

1, full electric heap high car battery charging

1) When charging, smoking is strictly prohibited around the vehicle and charger. It is not allowed to have flammable, explosive articles, and must keep the charging ventilation.

2) Please strictly check if the local voltage is consistent with the input voltage of the vehicle charger

3) Turn the key switch 90 degrees before charging, cut off the circuit between the battery and the vehicle appliance, check the contact performance of the joint, and then connect the input plug of the charger configured with the voltage to the voltage socket. Charging usually takes 8 to 10 hours, it is recommended to charge each work in the future. The charger has been designed to maintain charging after a while, after the battery charging is completed, the charger will automatically cut off the current and stop the light-emitting diode, and there is no risk, so, take off the charger after it is fully filled. Be unnecessary

4) See the charger manual for details.
But please note:
a) Treat vehicle in the process of charging
b) After the end of the charging, you must first pull out the AC power plug, and the battery is charged. Please use a supporting special charger.


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