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Electric bicycle leads a lead battery

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Electric bicycle leads a lead batteryAt present, electric car battery capacity is rapidly expanded, while demand is still weak, but from long-term fundamentals, electric car battery development will still be kinens, due to electric bicycles still have rigid demand and vast market space.

According to the data of the China Automotive Research Center, the use of the two-wheeled car in China has more than 600 million, and the two-wheeled cars mainly include bicycles, motorcycles and electric bicycles. Due to the expansion of the city, bicycles can no longer meet the majority of medium and low consumption. Travel demand, motorcycle is limited in many cities from environmental requirements. It has achieved zero emissions, small energy consumption, cheap, easy and convenient electric bicycle to win consumers, China Bicycle Association believes that electric bicycles will gradually replace bicycles and motorcycles in the future, becoming the largest transportation in China.

The broad development prospect of electric bicycle will continue to support the need for electric bicycle batteries. 


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