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Fuel storage battery or will be put into UPS power applications

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Fuel storage battery or will be put into UPS power applicationsPeople have been constantly in-depth for storage power research, and want to create more energy reserves to inject more power support for power applications. The fuel storage battery is currently the focus of many merchants. The fuel storage battery is a waste heat power generation, supplies primary or reserve power supply, is a replacement power that is continuing to heat up, and the electrical power supply electrical energy is used, which uses a oxidant to convert the fuel to the fuel. electricity. The fuel storage battery is currently in trade, industrial still homes can be used, but there is no application space in the data center.

ClearedGe Power, current fuel cell manufacturer, is planning to make up this flaw, but they are willing to use gasoline-based fuel cells as an initial power system in the middle of the data. Market Vice President Mike UPP thinks this will be a“Traditional reserve system evolution type”. due to“What we do is, the initial UPS power supply, and the power grid is a reserve!”

UPP thinks that if the operationer of the data, if the fuel cell is acquired, it will find that the friend’s love is relatively cheap, and more reliable than other alternative power, wind energy and solar energy are too unchanged. UPP said that Clearedge acts as an intermediate purpose of the data in the selected area, including, South Korea, and Australia, and even New York. These geographical features are high motion ratios, authorities encourage or require purchase alternative power systems.

In California, the power rate is from 17% to 23% to 23% per kW. And UPP said:“If the product of 9% of Clearedge 9% is used, the gap is very clear.”This means that less cost is less than the grid. However, he also adds to the road. About the energy application is moderate and there is no local UPS power supply market that is interference, and the power network is not relying on, the demand fuel cell is, unless it is forced to require green, and the fuel cell is safer.

After continuous research and promotion, fuel storage battery applications will no longer dreams, and fuel storage will also provide reliable power protection for the data center.

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