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How to apply for forklift rainy season protection measures

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How to apply for forklift rainy season protection measuresThe rainy season came, the work of the forklift is still in order to carry out many problems with the work of the forklift in the rainy day. In the following, we will say the problem that the rain and day forklift should pay attention.
Observation road conditions
Work in rainy days must pay attention to the situation of the road, especially in some places with particularly thick soils, after heavy rain, the soil is degraded, especially slippery, must pay attention to the surrounding environment in these places.
2. Rain season forklift parking
If you have condition, it is best stopped to the garage, try to avoid parking in an overworked environment to choose indoors. The rust-proof operation is very important, and the long-term parking should be launched once a month and drive the battery. After the machine is stored for a long time, the grease on the piston rod should be wiped, and the components are filled with grease. In the machine parking, you should keep the work device dry clean, do not take the water in, so as not to rusted the machine’s operation.
Some careless drivers think that the car is in the garage, but I don’t pay attention to the engine part under the eaves, and the rain is rushing on the engine. The scene .. I have seen it. So don’t want too much. careless.
3. Timely cleaning
After the rainy season, you must clean up the forklift chassis. For maintenance of the necessary places, to prevent rust, check whether the oil screws are loose, even if maintenance is carried out, it is found to be cleared in time. Avoiding rust affecting the spirituality of the machine.

Work should be paid attention to windproof, collapse, moisture-proof, non-slip, etc. during the rainy season. In the rain, the working moment is always vigilant, and the night work should keep the front and rear headlights, work lights, top lights, instrument lights, wirators, etc. to ensure safety.

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