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How to electric forklift battery replacement

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How to electric forklift battery replacementBattery that can only be consistent with the original battery model, the weight is equal. (The weight of the battery affects the stability of the forklift and its brake function.)
Do not change the weight and size of the battery at will, otherwise it will affect the center of gravity of the body. The weight of the battery is too heavy or too light to affect the stability of the forklift and the brake capacity, and the weight must be consistent with the value of the forklift sign.
1.1 Removal battery order:
(1) Pull the power insertion line.
(2) Open the battery case cover.
(3) Disconnect the battery joint head and the cable connection.
(4) Take out the battery pack from the forklift with the appropriate battery box.
1.2 Install the order of the battery:
(1) Put into the battery case of the forklift using the battery pack of the lifting capacity.
(2) Connect the battery wiring head and the cable connection, and ensure that the positive and negative terminals are accurate.
(3) Close the battery case cover.
(4) The key switch is in a position.

(5) Put the power outlet.

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