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How to electric sightseeing saves electricity during driving

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How to electric sightseeing saves electricity during drivingI would like to have heard that the fuel-saving oil saves, in fact, electric sightseeing vehicles will also pay attention to electricity during use. In the same case, how to save more in the road conditions, let the electric sightseeing bus driving more far?

1. First of all, to ensure the normal pressure of the electric sightseeing car tire, the gas pressure will not only have the service life of the electric sightseeing car, but also make the electric sightseeing car more power consuming.

2, do not appear instantaneous acceleration, instant acceleration can cause excessive voltage current, frequent instantaneous acceleration will directly affect the normal service life of the battery.

3, let the electric sightseeing cars travel smoothly, keep moving at a constant possible, do not speed up, and stop.

4. Avoid electric sightseeing vehicles, should avoid sudden braking parking, because sudden braking will not only accelerate the grinding of brake lining, but the current feedback caused by emergency braking has an impact on motor controller, affecting renewal Mileage and motor controller life
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