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How to maintain the warehouse carrying forklift

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How to maintain the warehouse carrying forkliftThe warehouse transfer forklift maintenance is properly used to transfer the useful life of the extension of the forklift, mainly checking the oil, sweep the air and smooth. The best view of the oil every six months. The newly written oil to the rubber container is lower than the liquid level 5mm, and the addition of oil is necessary to be in the lowest orientation.

When replacing the seal, the air may enter the hydraulic system to place the operating lever at the lowest orientation, then sway handle for more than ten times. Smooth movable with motor oil or smooth oil. Others need to pay attention to the usual viewing and maintenance, seeking for the warehouse for forklifts to reduce wear, pay special attention to the control of wheels, axles, forks, lifting and declines. When the work is over, the fork should be air load and drop to the lowest position. There is also a warehouse transfer forced forklift in the process of use, it will encounter some problems. Understand the most common use of problems will greatly improve the efficiency of the transfer.

The production of the warehouse transfer for the forklift is supplied with an imported seal. The internal relief valve is supplied to overload protection. It is useful to prevent overloading. The motion is equipped with alloy bushing. It can extend the use of the warehouse to transfer forklift, domestic manufacturer BestBay produced warehouse transfer The forklift fits the European EN1757-4 standard, using imported pumping stations, lifting power, reasonable construction, and concise operation.

Introduction to the safety operation standards for the transfer forklifts in the warehouse

1. Request: The warehouse transfer forklift is necessary to operate by the person who transfer forklift operation through the warehouse. He can make a demonstration of the user’s operational and operating goods, how to clarify how the useer can operate the warehouse transfer Forklift.

2, the power, responsibility and responsibility of driving personnel: It is necessary to control his power and responsibility, and it has been trained through the warehouse to transfer for forklift operation; If the warehouse to transfer the forklift is a walking control, then it is necessary to wear safety boots during operation.

3, stop unauthorized personnel to apply: Driving personnel transfer for forklift during the housing, he is necessary to obstruct unauthorized personnel to control or operate the warehouse to transfer forklift. It is strictly forbidden to use the warehouse to transfer forklift to transport or increase personnel.

4, problems and disadvantages: The warehouse transfer forklifts are necessary to tell managers immediately. If the warehouse transfer forklifts cannot be safely operated (for example: wheat wear or brake problem), it must stop using until they have been completely repaired.

5, Safety Operation and Environment Protection: Viewing and Protecting This chapter is necessary to perform according to the time distance on the list of protection. It is easy to change the parts of the warehouse transfer forklift, especially the safety equipment, and the vehicle’s operating speed is never allowed to change. All original spare parts are verified by quality assurance, and advocate the use of manufacturers’ spare parts to ensure the safety and reliability of the warehouse transfer forklift operation. Replacing the parts such as oil and fuel need to be treated in accordance with the corresponding environmental protection.

6. Risk zone: Risk area is generally the following sizes “Warehouse transfer forklift or its load improvement equipment (such as fly or attachments) to the risk of personality when operating or lifting the operation, or is being transported.” Generally, this scale extends to the region where the load landing or vehicle attachment is landed.

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