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Information about automobile batteries

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Information about automobile batteriesIn modern society, the fast-paced work life has always been an important means of transportation.——car. The birth of the car is undoubtedly a major important product for social progress. With the high level of the car, there is also a big increase in the consciousness of the majority of the car owners, but in actual use cars and the maintenance, there are still all kinds of misunderstandings:

Misunderstanding 1: According to the battery electro-with, it cannot accurately determine the state of the battery.

In general, there are performance state indicative eyes, and the performance of the battery performance can be identified by the observation of different colors. You can’t say this indicator without scientific basis, but it is inevitable that there will be errors in accuracy. Because the automotive battery itself is a complex and variable overall, its performance is affected by many factors. It is often necessary to guide the owner of the owner according to such a test result.

The Valta battery reminds the owners to detect the batteries in the 4S shop or professional auto repair store when maintaining the car, not a simple observation of battery electrohoe. Is the car remember?

Misunderstanding 2: Buy a bad product, low quality

Many car owners have added it to the car when the new car is just started, and the investment in maintenance and beauty will not hesitate. With the new car, it is inevitable to make a lax on the maintenance of the car, especially in the replacement of auto parts, no longer for the original accessories. Battery replacement may choose some price relatively low, brand comparison battery; there is another possibility: The owner purchases the quality of the quality that is not high in bad merchants. All of these are not the owners should encounter.

German 100-year brand——Valta storage has been established in China, and has been produced in China. In addition, the currently produced Valta storage battery is maintenance-free battery, bid farewell to the traditional product due to the problem caused by the problem of electrolyte, and the exclusive advanced“Broadrower technology”, Allows the battery to play a more perfect performance advantage. With perfect battery, starting from Valta.

Misunderstanding 3: Incorrect use, increase battery burden

Damage and failure of automotive parts in the car are not only the product itself. In terms of battery, the owners also need to develop good habits. For example, when a car is turned on, it will open the air conditioner. This method is not mentioned, and it has also greatly increased the burden on the battery; the engine stops running the sound in the car, the lamp and other equipment are not closed in time, also serious damage battery……Therefore, the owners have to spread the good habits of the car, stay away from poor use. 


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