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Metal sulfide in a lithium ion battery positive material usage

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Metal sulfide in a lithium ion battery positive material usageThe lithium ion battery positive material is generally embedded compound, as an ideal positive material, should have a certain performance, such as metal ion Mn + in embedded compound Li; M, Xz should have a higher oxygen reduction potential, so that the battery is high Output voltage; embedding Li. MYX: Lithium in the middle can occur in reverse embedding and desert; during charge and discharge process, the main structure of the material is stable and small; the material has a good conductivity; the price is cheap, the environment is environmentally friendly, the metal sulfide is used as a lithium ion battery Although the positive electrode material has the advantages of high energy density, low cost, no pollution, such as Tis2, MOS2, NIS, AG4HF3S8 and CUS, etc., have good embedded, de-deleted performance and cycle performance, but such materials, de-density potentials Low than metal oxides, the electrochemical reaction rate under low nourish conditions is slow. The magnification of the material is not ideal.

Although people have attracted people’s attention in the 1980s, research in recent years is slow. In addition to the above lithium ion battery positive electrode material, there are some other types of materials exhibited good electrochemical, de-density properties in higher potential intervals. For example, the first discharge capacity of 3-FeO () H is as high as 250mA ¡¤ H / g. Exhibit more superior embedded, deod lithium performance than Fe2O3 or Fe3O4; the first discharge capacity of nickel nickel is as high as 600mA. h / g, and there is no significant capacity decline by 100 cycles. However, the research foundation of these materials is still very weak, and there is no attention to people 


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