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Non-battery staff battery installation consideration

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Non-battery staff battery installation considerationNon-battery staff battery installation consideration
(1) Secure the battery to avoid vibration and impact. After the battery is fixed inside the machine, do not use it for a long time. When a battery is fixed, be careful not to press the device (or adhesion identification) for the fixed battery to press the upper cover, and there is an exhaust valve below. If the upper cover covered on the exhaust valve is pressed, the gas generated in the battery cannot escape.

(2) Since the battery generates flammable gas (hydrogen) during charging or storage, do not place the battery in a spark (switch, fuse, etc.)

(3) Do not use a sealed container and a container having a resolved gas structure to hold a battery. To avoid accumulation of flammable gases, use the battery container with a vent hole. If the flammable gas is accumulated, the container of the NP battery is destroyed when the fire is fire.

(4) When the battery is placed in the device, in order to prevent the battery from rising, it is preferable to set the battery at the bottom of the machine, and when the battery is arranged, the temperature difference between the battery is below 3 ¡ã C, Consider the ventilation holes of the container, and the like. In addition, avoid the inner wall of the battery to contact the machine to contact each other.

(5) Do not place the battery next to the fever (such as transformers, etc.).

(6) When using multiple batteries, pay attention to the connection between the music battery is correct, be careful not to short.

(7) When wiring, be careful not to make the polarity.

When connecting the NP battery to the charger or load, you must first turn the switch in turn off. When the bolt is connected to 24ah and the above battery lead alloy terminal, it should be applied to the rust (Vaseline) on the terminal, and must be tightened by the table torque value. If it is not tight, there is loose appearance, and the big current flows out of flow, dangerous. After the connection, a layer of rust inhibitor is thinly applied to the bolt nut and the contact conductor.

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