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Share battery performance conductance measurement method

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Share battery performance conductance measurement methodBattery performance conductance measurement method. From testing technology, it is divided into AC law and DC method, and more than 95% of electrical conductors (internal resistance) measuring instrument belongs to communication. The AC method is measured to add a known frequency and amplitude AC voltage signal to the battery two ends, measuring the alternating current value of the same phase, and the ratio of the alternating current component and the alternating voltage is the electrical guide of the battery. The conductance is a function of the frequency. There are different conductivity values ​​at different test frequencies. The smaller the capacity of the battery, the smaller the battery is large, the smaller the conductance value. Conductance can accurately detect a complete failure battery. According to a large number of experimental analysis and research results, the capacity of the battery is only reduced to 50%, and there will be significant changes in internal resistance or electron guide. Therefore, depending on the battery electrodide or internal resistance value, the performance of the battery can be determined to some extent. The internal resistance or conductance of the battery is used to determine a valuable reference idea to determine the quality of the battery, but the problem is as follows: (1) but for the quality of the battery, it is not possible to provide accurate data basis. Not enough to accurately measure the actual performance indicators of the battery, especially capacity indicators. Cannot judge (SOC) capacity of more than 50% of the storage battery of the battery [2]. Can’t reach national standard requirements. According to the relevant national power maintenance procedures and the requirements of battery maintenance, the battery pack is less than 80%, which should be eliminated. (2) Different types of instrument measurement results are large, due to various AC measuring instruments (15Hz-1000 Hz), measurement methods (phase difference, effective value method, modulation and demodulation, comparison method, etc. The measurement current (1a — 10a) is large, so that the use of different measuring instruments is larger than the measurement result of the same piece of battery, sometimes phase difference [3]. The difficulty of choosing instruments in the user, and the suspicion of the credibility of the measuring results. Currently DC-based conductive (internal resistance) measuring instrument detection level has not exceed AC method measuring instrument. Although the test work is relatively simple, due to non-linear, the test results cannot reflect the real health of the battery well.

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