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Shenyang export battery 112 million units

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Shenyang export battery 112 million unitsThe battery can not only provide electrical energy for the vehicle, but also store power, which is the origin of the battery name. “Power supply” and “power storage” correspond to the discharge and charging process of the battery, respectively. The battery belongs to the DC power supply, and its main role includes: when the engine start or low speed, since the automotive generator does not generate electricity or the electric energy required, the electric energy required to use electric equipment in the car is all Battery supply. When the engine is operating normally, the generator is powered by electrical equipment in the vehicle while charging the battery. When the electricity consumption of the automotive electrical equipment is too large, when the power supply capacity is exceeded, the battery is powered by power supply to the vehicle in the vehicle. At the same time, the battery is still a large capacity capacitor, which can absorb the instantaneous high pressure generated in the car, thereby protecting the inner electrical equipment in the vehicle.

According to the statistics of Shenyang Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in the first quarter, Shenyang battery export accumulated 438 batches, 11.2 million units, Creation exchange for 15.16 million US dollars, equivalent to approximately 95.5 million yuan, mainly sold to India, Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, 23 countries and regions such as Japan, the United States.

This year, the Shenyang Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has strengthened the policy guidance of key enterprises such as Shenyang Northeast batteries, and the United Enterprises cope with foreign technical trade measures such as EU battery directives and US battery directives, and provide technical support to ensure that production and product meet environmental protection. Energy consumption requirements; at the same time, through the implementation of classification management, direct access, electronic supervision and other shortcut customs clearance and regulatory initiatives, supervise battery export enterprises have established quality and safety control key job responsibility system, and improve the international competitiveness of Shenyang battery export enterprises. 


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