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Strengthen the safety of electric forklift safety

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Strengthen the safety of electric forklift safetyThe quality of electric forklift technology has played an important role in safe driving, with the steering system, the technical status of the brake system has the greatest effect. Others must be intact such as wheels and tires, lights and speakers, transmission and other parts. Accidents caused by poor vehicle conditions are due to the accidents caused by the braking system, the steering system, and other parts.
Do not carefully maintained, check the electric forklift, the battery forklift speed is out of control, “Speed”; the vehicle maintenance is not timely. Drive driving, etc. The main reason is that the vehicle is used in the case of insufficient maintenance, the vehicle is used, and the emergency should not be stopped in time and adopt emergency avoidance measures.
The quality of the safety technical condition of the electric forklift is lacking enough attention. The mistake thinks is not large in the enterprise, and the inspection of the electric forklift is not often, not strict, even if the problem is not solved in time, often use it, the result It is often caused by sudden deterioration of braking, steering, power and other performance or failure of component work failure.

In the development of production, the electric forklifts in the enterprise have increased year by year. Since the company has more short-selling short drama loading and unloading, transportation, many technical support, some managers believe that vehicles are driving in the factory, slower, some small problems Not large. The driver’s technical ability is poor, the maintenance work is small, so the electric forklift in the enterprise is large due to the fact that the accident caused by the technical adverse, so the technical condition of the electric forklift needs to be strengthened.

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