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Take a precautions for tourist batteries in the rain

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Take a precautions for tourist batteries in the rainVisit the sightseeing car battery should pay attention to slowing in the rain, when the rain is coming, we should pay attention to slowing when driving electric classics car. In fact, no matter what car driving, like this is not convenient to travel, we are all It should be slowed down, and the rainy road is slippery, and if it is quickly driving or emergency brakes, it will also reduce the incident in the pavement wet friction, especially in the turn.

When it rains, the rear view mirror will be wet by rain, so it has an impact on the rear field of view, and turns the light in the changing lane. In addition, we must pay attention to other matters, such as: Don’t just involve water, electric car battery motors, batteries, etc., although it is waterproof, there is no problem, but this does not mean it will be free Walking in the water. Don’t worry about the water, you should still be detonated. If you pass, you should try to choose some shallow roads with a shallow water pass, don’t let the motor drowning the motor, prevent the motor from being treated by the electricity.


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