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The actual battery ladder uses the electric forklift help

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The actual battery ladder uses the electric forklift help1 raw material advantage
It is estimated that by 2015, pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles have more than 500,000; to 2020. Pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid automotive production capacity reached 2 million, accumulated production and sales exceeded 50 ( 10,000 vehicles. At the same time, the National Development Plan for the National Development of Electric Automotive Science and Technology has proposed to promote scale demonstration promotion in 30 or more cities in 2015, and conduct new commercial model pilot applications. Implement pure electric drive Sales have reached a total sales volume of similar models.
2 performance advantages
Ladder use the ionic electrodes with a mass energy density and volume energy density are roughly 1.9 times and 1.6 times, and lead-acid electricity is generally 2 years, while the ladder uses the battery to shorten the use of energy range. And the discharge power is significantly reduced compared to the original use conditions, so that the service life can be further extended.
3 cost advantage
At present, for the ladder, the ion power battery cell is used. The domestic recovery price is a monthly print one 600 yuan / kWh, and the price of the new lead-acid battery is about 750 yuan / kWh, which will have a higher performance while ensuring performance. Cost advantage.
4 environmental advantage

If the battery is used for a while, if you do not meet the requirements, it will eventually be scrapped and dismantled, and the lead in the lead-acid battery used in the electric forklift will result in severe environmental pollution.

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