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Understanding of electric forklift power display display

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Understanding of electric forklift power display displayThe electric flow rate display of the electric truck generally has two more common power display, one is 5 gear, and the other is 10 gear

The electric old car 70 series is the 5th-speed meter, the voltage is allocated in units of 0.75V, and the discharge power is not completely proportional, the discharge 20% voltage is 50V, the discharge 41% voltage is 49.25V, discharge 60% voltage 48.5V, discharge 77% voltage 47.75V, discharge 93% voltage 47V below 46V battery is unable to start the charger, it is necessary to pay attention, less than 47V forklifts cannot be lifted.
The electric new car is on work, the power ratio is set to set the voltage allocation value, and the discharge 10% voltage is 50.25V, the discharge 20% voltage is 50V, the discharge 30% voltage is 49.67V, the discharge 40% voltage is 49.3V, The discharge 50% voltage is 48.91V, the discharge 60% voltage is 48.5V, the discharge 70% voltage is 48.07V, the discharge 80% voltage is 47.62V, the discharge 90% voltage is 47.17V discharge 100% voltage 46.65V. 5 files are discharged to 93%, there is no low battery display, and 10 files are at least 100%, so that when discharging to the last two files, it is necessary to plan to charge the battery, generally discharged to the last forklift It is to protect the battery life of the battery does not give complete discharge. When the final forklift will automatically lock the hydraulic pressure does not give the operation, the hydraulic function cannot operate. At that time, it was given to where you drive the forklift to the charge indicating that the forklift cannot be charged in use. 


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