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Way to pay attention to the daily use of the boat battery

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Way to pay attention to the daily use of the boat batteryWhat is the matter what the daily charging of the boat battery is noticed and what you need to pay attention to? The following Tianyuan Battery Manufacturers pay for you to pay attention to the daily use of the cruise battery.

Precautions in the use of boat storage batteries
The motor boat high-speed boat avoids contact with sharp and hard objects. FRP hulls and crims, concrete structures, and metal components, which should be rubbed, and protective measures should be taken. For example, the anti-collision-resistant metal and rubber fender materials are placed on deck, laying wear-resistant rubber, plastic soft materials, etc.

Discover the damage of the cruise, fix it in time. Often check the hull, if the resin is found, the scratches are deep, and when the fibers are exposed, they must be repaired in time, otherwise, due to the penetration of water, it will accelerate damage.

Need notus
If you don’t have to use, especially in the winter season, the motor boat and other glass steel boats are placed on the shore. Since the glass steel has a certain water absorption, the water energy is gradually penetrating into the interior along the small channel of the glass fiber and the resin interface, and the strength of the glass steel gradually decreases. Especially in winter, the water infiltrated water is cold frozen, and the seepage passage is expanded and harmful. Therefore, every winter boat is not available, it should be put on the top of the water, and the penetrated water is volatilized, and the strength can be gradually recovered. Doing this can extend the life of the ship. After the boat is on the shore, it should be cleaned first, put average with the backpack, so on the room, if placed outdoors, apply the hunch cover, and often ventilate, prevent moisture.


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